Crescendo Desk: Taking Ownership of Your Problem

Donna Saviano

Showing Familiarity, Empathy and Responsibility

Crescendo maintains a help desk during the business day to address its customers' urgent crises and day-to-day system issues and questions.  The ongoing support of existing customers is our number one priority.  We communicate with most of our customers on a daily basis.  As a result, our customers have a refreshingly different support experience than most...

Top Ten Things You Probably WON'T Hear When Calling Our Help Desk


10. "May I have your service contract number..."

We're on a first name basis with everyone who contacts our help desk.  Not only will you not need to reference a contract number or a ticket number, but most of the time we'll recognize your voice before you say your name.  Beyond that, we work to become familiar with the responsibilities and procedures of each of the end users we assist.  When you have a question or problem, our techs usually remote control your session immediately to make sure we fully understand your situtation.

9. "Press 1 for English..."

It has become common for support organizations to go off-shore to other countries and outsource the technical support they provide in order to cut costs.  Unfortunately, insufficient language skills and varying accents create a sense of detachment, a high level of frustration and an inability to communicate effectively and efficiently.  Our technicians speak American English.  And because our success is wrapped up in yours, we are directly connected to the successful resolution of your issues.

8. "What version of the software are you running?"

We are intimately familiar with our customers' systems, which renders many of the typical questions unnecessary.  We're able to go far beyond checking a version number and a preexisting knowledge database when diagnosing your problems.  We have direct access to all source code and have the tools to replicate, isolate and resolve your problems without an act of Congress.

7. "You'll need to contact your network administrator"

Crescendo help desk technicians frequently deal directly with your end users for the most prompt and satisfying problem resolutions.  In addition, since most of our customers are able to run their successful enterprises without an inhouse IT staff, we're a one-call solution center for nearly every type of system-related problem.

6. "All of our operators are currently busy..."

Crescendo works hard to ensure a friendly, human experience with every touch from our help desk.  In addition, we make every effort to make sure you can get through to our technicians when you need to.  All of our technicians, consultants and developers are continuously on stand-by to address help desk overflow.

5. "I'll need your credit card number..."

Each of Crescendo' customers has a technical support contract that provides them with full access to our help desk services without worrying about individual call counts, costs and durations.  This more informal process helps progress be made without red tape.

4. "You'll need to contact Microsoft"

Crescendo has a wealth of staff expertise in every area of systems, including Operating Systems, third-party software, networking, peripheral equipment, the web, data manipulation, and programming.  We typically won't send you somewhere else or point the finger.  We take ownership of your problems.

3. "You'll have to wait for the next release"

In many cases, Crescendo can apply software enhancements individually to customer systems without having to wait till the "next release" (by which time the opportunity for resolution has typically long since passed).  The help desk is one of the gateways to continuous system improvement for our customers.

2. "This number is no longer in service"

Crescendo spun off from Ebeling Associates, Inc. which began operations as one of the very first software companies in America in 1967.  We thus have a track record of continuous customer service that goes back more than forty years!  While not quite as solid a guarantee as "death and taxes", Crescendo has demonstrated a commitment to servicing its customers that is increasingly rare.

1. "Sorry, I can't help you"

In our business, most support calls are unique in nature, and each requires thoughtful handling.  Many are quite challenging to resolve.  The good news is that strange and difficult issues are business as usual for Crescendo.  We rarely face an obstacle we can't surmount, and this translates to a powerful resource for each of our customers.

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