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Crescendo Distribution Software Streamlines Supply Chain Workflows

Distribution companies must effectively manage inventories and supply chains. The Crescendo enterprise software has been called upon to help distributors with an extraordinary range of different product lines operate efficiently for over twenty years.


Crescendo Distribution Software Highlights

EDI/Web Order Processing

Maximized business volume depends on the ability to take orders rapidly and accurately. Successful distributors in today's environment are accepting orders electronically, both via EDI and from the Web. Crescendo software interprets incoming EDI 850 documents and interfaces in real time with Web-based customer order applications for the best combination of efficiency and accuracy.

Order Acceptance/Scrubbing

For EDI applications, where customers are specifying order details such as item numbers and pricing(sometimes with less than perfect accuracy), Crescendo provides a rapid application interface for customer service personnel to review, validate and/or correct orders received electronically from customers. Discrepancies are automatically highlighted and color-coded allowing CSR's to quickly rectify them and approve the orders. This efficient process combines the power of electronic communications with the accuracy of human scrutiny.


The Crescendo system naturally expands to any physical or logical configuration of various inventory warehouses, whether they be company owned or third party. With business logic in place to automatically determine the appropriate shipping warehouse based on order specifics, your company is free to create and revise its logistics as needed. The system will quietly flex, and not rigidly groan, with the changes that make your enterprise more competitive.


Crescendo features sophisticated and automated picking document production logic that helps direct your warehouse personnel for maximum efficiency. Recording important customer-driven order metrics such as earliest ship date, latest ship date, ship complete (by line item or for the order as whole), etc., and monitoring inventory changes in real time, Crescendo immediately alerts the warehouse the moment an order can be prepared for shipment. This keeps your product moving and your customers satisfied. Picking documents are intelligently sorted according to your warehouse layout and inventory policies such as FIFO. Crescendo also interfaces naturally with wireless handheld devices for untethered efficiency.


Inventory movements are monitored effortlessly by Crescendo in the finest detail, providing accurate information for customer service and shipping personnel. As orders are staged for shipping, the system reflects the subtle movement of product, providing flexibility for last minute allocation changes.


Crescendo can help take the uncertainty out of the shipping process. Crescendo routines calculate appropriate ship dates based upon customer requested delivery dates and geographical shipping zones. The shipping management center furnishes specialized order-by-order instructions as well as standard customer and product packaging and shipping requirements. Shipping labels, material quality certifications, and customs documents are automatically produced where applicable by the system to increase the throughput and decrease the guesswork involved with the shipping process.

Cycle Count

Routine cycle counts help ensure precise inventory accuracy while eliminating periodic shutdowns for physical inventories. The Crescendo system automatically assigns count frequencies based on item movement and dollar values, then automatically creates daily count sheets sorted by bin number with the appropriate number of items to count such that count frequency requirements are fulfilled.


Crescendo's tight integration between customer purchase orders and vendor purchase orders is a nice efficiency boost for distributors. Items that are not stocked but are special-ordered on demand, or items that are directly shipped from your vendor to your customer are seamlessly processed based on customer service decisions at the time of order entry. Upon product receipt, Crescendo produces bin-sorted receival forms for prompt stocking or turn-around shipping, and the picking process is triggered automatically. Direct Vendor to Customer shipments benefit from a closed-loop billing process, ensuring that your vendor can't be paid without your customer being billed.


Crescendo includes sophisticated, customizable routines for determining inventory reorder points based on historical usage patterns. These reorder points are utilized by Crescendo's purchasing center tool, which provides a real-time view of replenishment suggestions based on current stock levels, open orders and forecasted requirements. The suggestions incorporate specialized rules such as vendor minimum and multiple order quantities. Once Crescendo has collected and organized this timely information, it leaves the ultimate buying decision in the hands of the purchasing manager, who can assemble actual orders quickly with point and click ease.


Crescendo shipments automatically generate customer invoices according to prearranged pricing and credit terms. As with all its functions, Crescendo requires the minimum number of keystrokes for the most streamlined and leak-proof process, ensuring an effecitve cash flow.

Payment Processing

Whether payments are received electronically via EDI, by lockbox, credit card or physical check, Crescendo payment processing routines minimize your clerical effort to deposit and apply these payments to customer invoices. Tuned into the latest scanned check capture technology, Crescendo helps you keep your accounting department lean and effective.

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