Crescendo Boosts Manufacturing Quality and Efficiency

Crescendo Delivers Competitive Advantages to Manufacturers

Today’s increasingly competitive, global economy demands efficiency, flexibility and innovation from manufacturing companies that would survive and thrive.

Crescendo enterprise software helps manufacturers maximize output while minimizing labor and overhead. In a repetitive manufacturing environment, every wasted keystroke or handwritten entry is magnified and proves costly over time. Crescendo measures and monitors every critical aspect of the manufacturing process in real time using creative data capturing techniques that do not burden the operators. This provides full time visibility to customer service personnel, allowing them unparalleled opportunity to predict deliveries, adjust schedules, and satisfy customers. It also provides a constant analytical window to management, alerting them to bottlenecks, quality problems, excessive scrap and inadequate pricing.

Crescendo easily morphs to new workflows and production processes, granting uncommon agility to any manufacturing business. Because Crescendo captures information where it happens and when it happens, it is able to deliver critical, timely information straight to the decision makers without the need for an army of office personnel to transcribe, sift and sort.

Manufacturing System Highlights


A good sales forecast is necessary to drive production plans, capacity requirements, purchasing commitments and financial budgeting. Crescendo's sales forecast management center considers prior performance, sales trends, seasonality and human expectations to calculate forecast figures. Forecasts are stored and edited in monthly increments at the individual item/customer level but may be viewed and analyzed at a summary level by customer type, customer, product line and item.

Production Planning

Production plans mobilize the purchasing effort and provide inputs to production scheduling. The production plan specifies the quantities of each product to be produced within a broad time frame such as a month or quarter. Crescendo's production planning center incorporates forecasted, blanket and released order demands along with current inventory levels, standard production lot sizes and minimum and maximum inventory levels to calculate suggested production quantities.


A quick and accurate quoting process is a customer service rep’s friend in a situation where non-catalog products are ordered to customer specifications. With a flexible database design and customizable formulas for raw material, labor, outside vendor processing and overhead, Crescendo morphs to the most unique estimating requirements, ensuring a thorough yet rapid quoting process. All customer specifications, including drawings, bills of material, routings and quantity pricing are retained in Crescendo’s product database to facilitate repeat orders.

Inventory Management

Customers with blanket purchasing contracts or just-in-time delivery requirements insist on a readily available stock of commonly purchased products.


A skilled workforce is the engine that drives growth and profitability. Crescendo integrates an H/R database together with time reporting and payroll modules to administrate the many requirements of a dynamic staff. Crescendo’s training management system monitors progress on employee development and links with a document management system that signals retraining requirements.

Production Scheduling

Effective production scheduling is critical to maximizing production efficiency and achieving timely delivery. Crescendo's production scheduling center organizes work orders by primary production process and common production variables to manage around bottlenecks and to minimize setup and breakdown time. The dynamic schedule can be easily adjusted to adapt to unexpected scheduling factors.


Production only translates to revenue after delivery. Crescendo records a number of delivery parameters in its customer database as well as on each order, including flags to indicate "ship complete", "ship line items complete", and a set of dates by order and/or line item including, due date, scheduled ship date, earliest ship date and latest ship date. These parameters, coupled with Crescendo’s built-in event driven picking list generator/update engine ensure that shipment revenues are maximized and customer delivery requirements are met with a minimum of management oversight and customer service babysitting.

Time/Cost/Progress Tracking

For many companies, the shop floor is a blind spot that hides inefficiencies, quality problems, and important job status information required by customer service personnel. Crescendo turns the lights on the floor, yielding a cornucopia of essential data that enables consistently profitable on-time delivery of quality products. Critical production data is collected by the system as a natural part of the manufacturing process, improving both accuracy and efficiency as compared to manual methods.

Quality Assurance

Internal and customer quality requirements often demand substantial amounts of additional recordkeeping and paperwork that can hamper the ability to quickly deliver and dramatically increase overhead costs. Crescendo integrates quality requirements into the production process such that required documents are produced effortlessly as a natural part of the manufacturing workflow.

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