Software and ERP Solutions Can Fit Virtually Any Retailer or Retail Environment.

Crescendo Retail Management Software Addresses Every Aspect of the Enterprise

The successful retailer must manage inventory effectively and provide a pleasant customer experience. Crescendo Storefront's unique software tools support these objectives and are naturally integrated with other core Crescendo components. This allows retailers who provide non-retail services to manage their entire operation on a single cohesive system.


Retail Software Highlights


A successful retailer has what the customers want, when they want it. Crescendo sales forecasting tools combine past performance with future predictions to help establish a purchasing plan that stocks your shelves with product you know will move.


Crescendo's purchasing center keeps future and immediate restocking requirements front and center for your department buyers, allowing you to keep wanted items on the shelves.


Effective barcoding is an important key to efficient retail management. Automatic barcoded price ticketing upon receipt minimizes the amount of time that newly received product languishes in the warehouse.

Point of Sale

Crescendo's cash register front end combines speed, simplicity and flexibility for cashiers. Automated handling of coupons, gift cards, and preferred customer cards ensure accurate pricing and a satisfying customer checkout experience. Optional touch screen technology simplifies the process where appropriate. High-speed internet credit card approvals maximize your register throughput at all times.

Special Order Processing

Crescendo's pedigree as a distribution software solution helps with the processing of customer special orders. The customer's order automatically triggers a purchase order to the vendor, and receipt of that purchase order triggers an email notification to the customer with the appropriate pickup information. A deposit may optionally be received upfront depending upon store policies.

Payment and Gift Card Processing

The Crescendo Storefront software handles many varieties of payment, including gift cards and credit cards. Multiple forms of payment can even be accepted on the same sales receipt.

Sales Analysis and Retail Space Management

Close monitoring of what products are moving ensures prompt replenishment. Crescendo's unique physical shelf mapping software not only creates a visual map of the store shelves but highlights the physical location of stockouts and indicates areas of the store for which sales are up or down. This allows retail space to be managed effectively from afar.

Physical Count

Crescendo's physical and cycle inventory count software ensures inventory accuracy in the most efficient way possible.


The immediate sale is not all that is lost on a disappointed customer. They may continue to go elsewhere for their commonly purchased products. Crescendo's automated reorder point calculations based on historical sales can trigger replenishment in advance of a costly stockout.


The ability to optionally capture customer information opens the door to advertising mailings that can be managed by Crescendo's customer relationship management tools. Customer buying patterns can be tracked yielding more effective targeted advertising.

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