Software and ERP Solutions Can Fit Virtually Any Service Provider.

Crescendo Service Software Provides Exceptional Customer Relationship Management

Service businesses, like every other Crescendo-powered company, begin with the foundation of Efficiency Partners' comprehensive Crescendo enterprise database. Tracking complete customer equipment information, preferences, and service histories ensure a positive customer experience as well as the ability to furnish service reminders and mailings to customers and prospects.


Crescendo Service Software Highlights

Ticket Creation

Creating new service tickets is not difficult as the Crescendo system provides default responses based on known information from prior service visits. Make/Model and serial number information is logged, along with complete problem descriptions. When the ticket is completed, the customer's service history is updated with work performed for future reference.


The Crescendo service system will create a customer estimate based on projected man hours and expected parts. Labor rates and parts pricing may vary based on arrangements with certain customers. The system produces a nicely formatted quotation in printed or emailed format.

Parts Ordering

Once a service ticket is approved for work by the customer, a demand is placed for quoted parts. Any parts that need to be ordered will automatically appear in the purchasing center for fulfillment. Purchase orders may optionally be triggered directly from service tickets where applicable.


Crescendo furnishes various visual scheduling tools that allows a service calendar to be maintained by the service manager. This scheduling tool highlights excess technician workload or capacity, allowing jobs to be moved around as needed for maximum productivity.

Time/Parts Tracking

Service technicians log their time via an electronic time clock that doubles for payroll purposes. The time clock can optionally collect parts used information as well. Traveling technicians can utilize inexpensive handheld barcode readers to remotely capture both time and materials for off-site service calls. Either way, Crescendo provides accurate measures of productivity and profitability for each job and by technician, supporting a variety of effective incentive programs.

Ticket Completion

Ticket completion automatically generates a customer invoice for billing or payment upon pickup. Managerial labor or parts pricing overrides are permitted and tracked, and the system detects customer warranty contracts for appropriate labor and parts pricing.

Service Histories

All service activity is tracked by customer for instant access. The service writer has visibility to prior tickets during new service call writeup.

Service Reminders & Mailings

Crescendo collects and organizes useful service histories which can later be harvested to create targeted service reminders and mailings. Crescendo provides advanced customer relationship management capabilities that will help boost service business and enhance customer satisfaction.

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