Crescendo Helps NCT Pass Financial Audit with Flying Colors

Email sent from our customer, National Check Trust (Tom Lonardo, Executive VP and CFO) after their annual financial audit …


From: Thomas Lonardo []
Sent: Friday, April 10, 2009 8:21 AM
Subject: AWESOME!!!!


Please read the email below from Jill Masur, the audit manager from Kaufman Rossin.  In addition to what she wrote, we did not have any P&L adjustments required as a result of the audit.  As you know I’ve been around a while and have managed a number of very large operations and a few smaller ones like NCT.  The results of the 2008 audit of NCT are quite amazing.  Many companies try to achieve this and though they may have great audits never quite attain what we did.  In sports terms it is like batting 900, or leading the league in home runs, or a hat trick, or winning the Super Bowl.  I want to make sure you are all aware of how exceptional you all are as a team.  Some of you had more dealings with the auditors and did the reconciliations but the Accounting, HR, and Legal team in total achieved this result.  All of you should be walking around a bit taller with your heads held high.


Though we are experiencing a difficult economic period in the U.S., NCT will continue to be a growth company with a positive vision towards the future.  We will continue to have hurtles to overcome as we grow but I know you are more than up to the task. 


I don’t want to end this without making honorable mention of our IT department and Sam and his (EP) team.  I thank them for developing the programs and making the changes we request that plays a significant role in our success as a department and as a company.


I am proud of all of you and am honored to be part of this AWESOME team.


With Respect and Admiration,





Tom Lonardo

Executive Vice President & CFO



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